Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Cleaning

It's almost spring time!  I have yet to finish my sweater.  I don't know other than the socks that I just finished that I've finished anything this year.  However, I think I am suffering from spring cleaning fever or something.  I really want to hurry up and finish things, getting them off my needles.  I also want to organize everything.  I keep planning to get a clear plastic container, so I can then bag up my yarn with potential patterns, and put it all together.  I would love to organize the whole stash, but I don't currently have the entire stash here.  Part of it is still in storage.  My hope is to organize what is here, and then it will take up less space, so I can bring more of it here and organize that as well.

I did manage to start another sweater, for myself.  And the great thing is, there are NO modifications!  All I had to do was adjust for my gauge.  I am using a worsted weight yarn (light worsted, in my opinion) instead of a sport weight.  The pattern I'm using is this one that was just published:

This is how far I've gotten on it:

I just started it Saturday night, rather late.  I worked on it a bit yesterday, and a little today.  Size 5 needles make things go very slowly.  But it is knitting up beautifully.  I'm using Nashua Creative Focus Linen, which is no longer made.  The color looks like it is just a purple, but the color is called Phlox, and it has a bit more pink to it.  This shows the color better.

I am hoping to finish it by mid-April.  The other sweater I was working on for me found here will be finished after this one.  The sad thing is that I'm almost done with the body, and would only have to do the sleeves and collar on it.  I haven't ordered the yarn yet for Little Man's sweater.  The weather has turned, and it's getting too hot for a sweater.  So, even this will be put on the back burner until later.  I can work his up during the summer, after the Littlest Princess' birthday sweater is done.  Once I finish this one, provided my timing is right, I can start hers, for which I already have the yarn.  Then I can order Little Man's yarn, crank his out, finish my Iced, and then start the Princess' sweater.  I think the Littlest Princess' sweater will be either crocheted or knitted, and I will be making up the pattern as I go.  I may look at Ravelry and see what I can find, but more than likely, I'll just make it up as I go along.  How about you?  Has spring hit you yet?

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