Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Lost in the ether

Somewhere, I have fiberfill. I know I have at least one bag, probably two. However, it insists on hiding itself from me. I have finished projects, but for whatever reason, I can't take a decent picture, even with a video camera of them. Apparently my picture skills recently just suck.
I finished the pair of Skolnick I was working on, except for the duplicate stitching and weaving in the ends. I also finished the Pi Shawl, including blocking. I completed a felted sheep from A Felt Flock; it just needs to be stuffed. Hence the issue with the fiberfill. I know that as soon as I cannibalize one of the spare pillows around the house, the fiberfill will turn up. I was keeping the pillows for just this kind of occasion, but I know I have the bag(s) of fiberfill somewhere. I thought I could find them. I was obviously wrong.
I am currently working on a surprise project for Christmas in July at The Whole Nine Yarns. Then it's time to finish some of the other projects lying around the house. There are numerous pairs of socks, a shawl (plus 2 more in queue), two or three sweaters for me, at least one for Little Man, two or three for Princess, socks for Hubby, and the list goes on and on. In my defense, I have finished more this year than I have in a while, so I'm trying to keep the momentum going. I found yet another project bag stuffed full of half-finished projects that need to be completed. I keep thinking this year I'll be able to finish a lot of projects before starting new ones, but it never quite happens. We'll see what the last six months of this year holds.

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