Monday, May 22, 2006

Good news

So, there is good news afoot. I know that there probably aren't THAT many people who read this, and yet I am SOOOO tempted to tell. I really shouldn't though, not until after Saturday. Hopefully when I get home today, I'll have enough energy to take some pics and tomorrow I can post them. We will be moving in about 2 months, which is encouraging, but we don't know where yet. Yesterday, my husband rescued a giant snapping turtle from the middle of the road. He put him back towards the creek in our neighborhood. I was proud.

In other news, there is no knitting currently, but there is some crocheting going on. I'm working on 2 more elephants, one in pink and one in red. The red one is for a woman at work (who's willing to pay-the red elephant is a mascot from her sorority) and the pink one is for a friend of mine. She thinks it'll be funny to have a pink elephant around her children. I love her like a sister, so of course she gets one.

I do have knitting to do; there is a baby blanket, sweater, booties and hat that must be accomplished by the shower in August. I'm going to go with this pattern for the blanket. I haven't decided yet for the sweater, booties and hat yet. I might just make it up as I go along. I think they'll be plain, since it's for a boy, and it's not my own child so I won't know his personality. I also think I'll work them in green, for something different. The blanket will be in blue. Everyone buys blue stuff for boys, so having something other than blue might be nice.

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