Friday, April 28, 2006

It's finished!!!

Woot! I'm done...all but blocking and weaving in ends. I love it! Check them out:

Please forgive the fuzziness of the pictures, but at least I took them, and posted them!

The camera strap got in the shot too. I guess it was tired of always being behind the camera and wanted to be in front for once. Oh well. The socks match for the most part; something weird happened around the heel and caused the lighter pink and yellow stripe sections to be smaller. I have no idea what that is all about, but they're done! Woot! I have the address to send them, and they'll be in the mail on Tuesday! Woohoo!


alison said...

Wicked cool socks!

Soggy Desert Rat said...

What fun! Is that a chevron pattern?

Laura said...

Nope, it's from; the pattern is called Falling Leaves. It's a lace pattern. =0)

Anonymous said...

I love my socks!!! Thank you so much. They don't fit however. :) I can't get the tops over my heel. I am going to take them to my LYS and see if we can somehow fix them so they will fit.