Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Well, here it is, Tuesday. I think I found the pattern I'm going to use for my Sockapaloooza pal. I think I'm going to go with this one. I like the idea of the lace and sock combined. I think I'm going to set aside all my other projects and start on all the ones for others right now. I have to start (and finish) another pair of Cigar gloves for my brother, the Sockapaloooza socks need to get started, and then there's that crocheted elephant for the woman at work who's going to actually pay me $20 for it. I'm just trying to decide what to get started on first. Nothing has been started for any of these, and my sweater keeps calling my name. Both sweaters do. They're lonely. My Jaywalker socks are also calling my name. Hmmm...ok...I need a plan. If I do one Sockapalooza sock, then a Cigar glove, then the elephant, and then another sock and the other glove, that should last me for a good 5 weeks. Each one should (in theory) only take a week. So, that puts me into April. If I'm really slick, I might be able to crank out my purple sweater by Easter. I'm not counting on it, and I wouldn't put money on it, but it's possible. I'll just have to focus more on knitting in the evenings. So, here's to the first Sockapaloooza sock!

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