Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Ever have those days when things feel like they are spiraling at an increasing speed and you are just trying to hang on for dear life? Yeah...that has been me over the past 3 days. There have been all kinds of things that have popped up, most are temporary, but all seem to be immediate. Things like:

1) Our pastor left. That may seem inconsequential, but his wife was the music minister. So we have 2 holes to fill, but it was more than just preaching and music on Sunday morning. It was a partnership with the elementary school, choir practice and special music, church meetings and keeping the calendar, and a million other little jobs they did.

2) A women's retreat at church. Again, it may seem irrelevant, but I am coordinating it. And our speaker fell through.

3) Spring semester at the local college started. I knew this was coming, and have been looking forward to it. However, I have had less time to prepare than I would have liked due to the holidays.

4) I took an ingenious idea to get my doctorate and start it this year. Not a big deal, until I got talked into starting it sooner than expected because of a scholarship opportunity.

5) At our last church, there was a Biblical Counseling course they did, and I wanted to participate but never had the time or money. Now after reaching out about the books used, I was offered an opportunity to get it at a fraction of the cost and online, so the timing was flexible.

6) Hubby and I found an apartment complex that we may be able to afford with assistance. I also discovered a program for helping families like ours purchase a home.

All of these things mean my time is super limited, even more than normal.  I am still homeschooling my children, and both my older children are in book clubs. That is good and bad - another obligation, but I get some semi-free time. I know I should say no more, but once the initial panic calms down, I think I can handle it. My brain can process small bits at a time. I have to plan the work and work the plan. And stay on top of it all, which small steps can accomplish.

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