Friday, December 01, 2017

Back to Square One

I almost got through with the Veronika cardigan, and then realized that there is no way I would have enough yarn. So I did some math, and I need about 3 more skeins I think. The trouble is I don't remember how many I had. And so I also don't remember if I have more lurking somewhere. is going in the WIP/UFO pile for now.

I have Christmas knitting to finish, and I should have more time after next week to finish the presents and wrap them. It will give me a good 2 weeks before Christmas to get it all done. I have a quarter of a sock, a full pair of socks, a hat and scarf, and some scarves to only put together. If I finish the sock and hat before the end of next week, the scarves should be a breeze. The other pair of socks should go quickly too. I hope. How are your plans coming?

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