Thursday, September 05, 2013


I've been busy - playing single mom for a weekend while hubby visited friends and crocheting.  I finished these:

A two simple crocheted washcloths and a heating pad scented with lavender.  I made two sets, and they're for the women's retreat at my church this next weekend.

I found it difficult over the past few months *cough, couple of years, cough* to be content.  It has little to nothing to do with my home life - I really love that aspect of my life.  This lack of contentment usually has to do with work.  This in turn projects itself onto me, and I project it onto others (usually the hubby who is a wonderful understanding man and helps me see this regularly).  So, in an effort to put the discontentment back where it belongs, I'm going to start working on clothes for myself.  No sense waiting until I'm the "perfect size", is there?  The perfect size is right where I am.  And the best part is, if I make them, and get into a smaller size later, I can always REMAKE them.  Novel idea, huh? *grin*  So, first up:

This is to be accompanied by a top and skirt.  Socks are still on the horizon as well, for Christmas.  I think I just need a big project to keep momentum.  Wish me luck!

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