Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Still waiting

I am trying to finish projects and get things posted. Somehow, life just doesn't work with me that way. I am slowly starting to get things back to normal after being in a out of work, post-baby, new job chaotic way of life. Fortunately, things are settling down and I'm getting into a groove again, only to have that groove thrown off by more work chaos and school about to start up again (I have 2 semesters to finish my master's - yay!). I am hoping to get a few things finished while still working through all of this, and planning out a few other things. Life is all about the journey, and you should make it a full one. However, sometimes I think I make mine a little too full - but no regrets! Fullness keeps you busy and at least you can never say that you wish you did such-and-such, because you did! There is the flip side of that as well, which is to take time to enjoy life. That happens too - don't let me fool you. I take lots of time to enjoy my kids and the things around me. However, you can't smell the roses forever - eventually you get used to the smell and it's no longer special. So, balance is key. That's what I'm striving for - balance. Enjoy!

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