Friday, September 04, 2009

New Stuff

Oh, there has been knitting going on...I swear I've finished things. I completed 3 dishcloths (doesn't sound exciting, I know, but sometimes you need a quick finish project that you can do while you watch your 2-year-old run around a room), and have started a sweater for Little Man. He's surrounded by much knitted love. :) I also completed another shawl for a lovely lady who frequents the shop. She still considers herself a beginner (I think she could do more if she'd pick something other than garter stitch) and needed the edging done for her. She's not a crocheter (understandable; not everyone can be a great hooker!) and wanted the shawl finished sometime this century. Fortunately, her order came at a perfect time to distract me (during some serious losses). I finished and blocked it, and she adored it. Pictures to come later - when maybe I have a little more time, and some new batteries in the camera.

Oh, on a side note, the bathroom is to be painted this weekend (thank goodness for long weekends). Will post those pics too.

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