Friday, June 22, 2007

Has it really been a month?!

I guess it's really been over a month, hasn't it?! Well, SOOOOO much has gone on, but hopefully life will slow down and get into a rhythm again. Here's the latest: we bought a house in Woodstock, and moved yesterday (and yet I'm at work today...). It's a lovely home, with a nice yard and plenty of space (for now). I get my own craft room, so expect lots of pictures. I have several of before we moved in, when the house was open to the public. I'll try and post them a little along. Here's the front yard:

There's yard work to be done, and starting in the fall, I'm sure I'll be outside digging. In front of the tree (you can't see them) are BLUEBERRY bushes. I'm all excited!!! Fresh blueberries for baking, cooking and eating! I don't have to buy any. I think the bushes need some cultivating, but they produce wonderfully.

Back to knitting...the craft room should hopefully provide me with space to utilize regularly and get all kinds of crafty-goodness done. Enjoy the beautiful day!

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