Monday, April 09, 2007

My so-called Life

Well, it has happened once again. Just when I think I have it all together, it all falls apart. We (my family and I) call this an "applesauce" moment. I'm slowly getting things together, and trying to keep them that way. It doesn't always work.

So, here's an update...Easter went fabulously. My family came over for lunch on Sunday. We ate, we talked, we took pictures (hopefully I'll have some to post from Sunday soon). We all went home. My brother's getting married on Saturday, and I'm really excited. I LOVE his fiancee. She's wonderful. We think we've found a house now; all that needs to come together is the financing, and we can make an offer. Taxes are due, and I still haven't filled them out. Oh well...they should be done this week, and if not, then the extension will be filed this week. I'm working on a *secret* project. I don't get to work on it very often, but fortunately, the hard part's done.

I have a hard time finding time to knit now. Our baby's not very high maintenance, but he's still a baby. He takes a lot of attention, and he's completely worth every second! There are several other things I want to knit...and maybe one day, I'll get to them.

Life just seems to be one thing after another. We've been house-hunting on the weekends, when we don't have other things to do. In the next month, we have 2 weddings to attend, a baby dedication to plan, taxes due, loan applications to fill out, and other social events that require our attendance. It's the season for busyness. I'm hoping once this is over, and we can move, things will quiet down and I can spend some time at home. That's what I really want...time at home.

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