Monday, August 29, 2005

Christmas is so close...

but I think I have most of the gifts ready in my head. At least the hard ones have been chosen...ok, some of the hard ones have been chosen. There are other difficult ones to figure out. What do you get a 20-something, almost 30-something who buys everything he wants? I have no clue. I figured out my grandparents. Those were semi-easy. I'm lost on my parents and in-laws. Maybe I can do one a month, and not break the bank.

As for my grandparents, my dad's mom is getting DVDs. We already bought them. They just need to be wrapped. For my mom's parents, I'm all about the socks now. I figured out the heel on the one I started for me, and I'm hoping the rest will be easy and will move right along. I haven't finished my sweaters, mainly because it's been too hot. I still have to finish the Cigar gloves for my brother as well. I honestly am at a loss for him for Christmas. Maybe a scarf from the leftovers? We'll have to see what comes out of the ol' bag o' tricks for him.

I cleaned more in the study...I finally have my sewing machine set up! However, I can't get to it. There's more stuff to go through and find a place for but it's coming along. I'm hoping that before Thanksgiving it'll be completed.

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