Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Slow Progress, like a Turtle

I have picked up my Crossover Lace Sweater, but only one day this week.  There is a rhythm to the decreasing lace pattern, and other than messing up the last row, it went fairly easily.  I think I overloaded my brain with patterns.  It happens.  Sometimes you need some "mindless" knitting, and I left that out for a while.  It's about balance.

Here's Little Man modeling the Big Blue Sweater.  It's probably about a size 7 or 8, and he's not quite a 6, so he'll have a couple of years to grow into it.

I'm not sure if he REALLY likes it, as his favorite color is red at the moment.  But I know he likes having his picture taken, so we're good for him modeling it.

I've made very slow progress, just a few rows, but it's progress, nonetheless.  Here's a close-up:

It's something that takes a good bit of concentration, and that's in short supply.  Of course, it's getting better, since I have some "mindless" knitting (Big Blue) to do while I watch TV or go to Knit Night.

In some other news, the Atlanta Area Shop Hop is coming - September 29th to October 7th.  Several stores in the Atlanta area (9-10) are participating, and you purchase a passport for $1.  You make a $10 purchase at any of the stores, and you get a stamp.  Once you turn in your passport, you get put into a drawing for all sorts of prizes!  It's a lot of fun, you find new shops or rediscover old ones, pick up some new stash, and get a chance to win more stash!  The prizes are always really good too.  I've seen them, although never won.  Maybe this year, though!

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