Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I'm stalling on some projects. I decided to read instead last night. I picked up a couple of books from the library, and have been a little more interested in reading than in knitting. I tried to make a 7-up cake this weekend, and it overflowed. I think the main reason was the recipe wasn't complete, and I assumed. Assumptions are not good things. The recipe called for "flour"...not specifying the type. Since there was no leavening agent (salt and baking powder), I thought it meant self-rising flour. I double checked on a version this morning, and it should have been all purpose. Oh well...the result was edible, just not pretty. I'm glad I put a baking sheet under the bundt pan to catch the overflow...otherwise, the oven would have been a disaster. I think I'll reattempt the cake later.

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