Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Days

In case you didn't know, Atlanta got dumped with about 3 inches of snow on Tuesday.  It wouldn't have been so bad, except that I don't think people really thought that we'd get it.  Snow is rare around here, but when it hits, it's debilitating.  The roads are curvy, and narrow, and hilly, and ice accumulates quickly.  We don't have a lot of salt trucks, since we rarely get snow, and it takes a long time for us to salt and sand roads once they do become icy.  I've lived in several places where snow was a regular occurrence, and I can tell you - it's just different here.  I did start my socks, and got a good ways down the leg, when I realized that I messed up the pattern.  So, out it went.  I know, I know - it wouldn't really have mattered, but they are mine, there's no deadline, and I can be particular about them.  I'm using this pattern:

It's called Business Casual, and it's from Tanis Fiber Arts.  I've admired her patterns for a while, and so far it's a great pattern.  Provided that I don't screw it up.  It usually comes down to a user error for me.  And that's okay - I can usually fix it.  I'm looking forward to having the first one done this weekend, and the second sock may get delayed a bit, as my busy time at work is coming up, and that means late nights and not a whole lot of knitting time.

In other news, Princess' tooth is fine, and Little Man lost his very first tooth today!  My babies are growing up, and it's wonderful to watch.  What have you been doing the past couple of days?  Have you been staying warm and wearing woollies, or just knitting them up?

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