Monday, September 09, 2013

Working on it

Guess what?

This is my Grace.  Not too shabby, huh?  It's not as far along as I'd like it, but then, what project ever is as far along as you'd like it?  I rarely have those that knit up as fast as I'd like them to, but part of the joy of knitting is the time.  I did manage to work on a sock today as well.  I'm now at the heel flap.  That should make it go a little faster.  Here's the odd part - I was going to give this pair to my mother, but I decided to change what I was going to give her, so now who do these socks go to?  

The Numma Numma sock yarn is lovely to knit.  It has very little twist in it, so it's almost like knitting with a thin roving.  It also is self-striping.  I was talking with another lady at church this weekend about self-striping sock yarn, and how it makes you look so smart because of all the color changes.  It looks like you put in WAY more effort than you did, all because it stripes.  

In other news, this weekend was wonderful.  I went to a women's retreat with some ladies from my church, and it was terrific.  

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