Thursday, March 06, 2008

This week with insanity

It's been a crazy week, and I keep getting crazy ideas. I finished the Classic Cardigan, with the exception of coming soon (hopefully after buttons are sewn on). There's Super Secret Knitting Project #1 (SSKP#1) that is done, with the exception of sewing in the ends, and SSKP#2 is well underway. I treated myself to more yarn (according to my nutritionist I should reward myself with NON-FOOD items, and yarn is in that category - a mouthful of angora just isn't pleasant) and added some for my birthday as well (yay me!). I did make it to Knit Night this week, and had a really good time.

I also saw this post and decided to try to recreate the Starbucks pastry formerly known as "Heath Bars" (we also called them "Health Bars" because what's healthier than chocolate and toffee in a cookie bar?). I started with trying to make toffee last night...and burned it. Yep, the house was filled with smoke and smelt of burnt sugar. It was not happy. Fortunately, all that I lost was a little time (very little) and some butter and sugar. It was worse than the misfortune with the 7-up cake, but completely inedible. I think the times were off in comparison to the recipe. It said to cook it for 10 minutes, and I did. I didn't use a candy thermometer, which is my fault...but I don't have one. I'm attempting it again tonight, mainly because I'm trying to do the toffee before the rain gets here (tomorrow). Humidity always reeks havoc with candy, so I'm trying to avoid that.

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