Saturday, February 28, 2015

Truckin' Along

Well, I finally sewed on the buttons for Little Man's Lancelot.  Here's the happy recipient:

I finally finished the hat, mittens and cowl including blocking and sewing on buttons.  I just need to take pictures.  I was going to take them when it snowed, but I had to work from home and I barely bothered to get dressed, and I certainly wasn't presentable enough for a picture. I finished the Valentine's wreath and hung it at my desk:

I don't think I ever posted a picture of Princess in her birthday sweater, so here is one:

In typical Princess style, she has to pose for the camera.  This was last week, when we got snow.  We had a few days of bad weather - snow one morning, then the next evening that turned into rain and made nice icy patches.

I have started my sweater, as you know, and I've been working on my socks.  I'm doing the socks to carry to and from work with me - it's hard to carry an adult sized sweater around everywhere.  Socks are good travel buddies.  I hope to get the hat, cowl and mittens written up and published on Ravelry.  I'm noticing a trend - I have a hard time finding a pattern that I want, so I'm creating it.  This being the case, I'm going to start writing them up and publish them.  Some will be for free, like the bow I posted earlier this month, and some will be for sale.  The biggest issue will be the pictures, but I can and will get some help with that.  I plan on playing with my camera and maybe getting a remote soon.  Little things can sometimes help the most.  Oh, and I also finished a sweater for the Littlest Princess, complete with blocking and buttons!   I hope this trend continues for the rest of the year - lots of projects completed!  It makes for a wonderfully productive year, and also provides warmth to those I love.  Are you ready for March?  What projects do you have lined up?  Have you finished anything?

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