Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I finished Little Man's sweatr, blocked it, and it stinks.  No, seriously, it smells like a wet sheep. I washed it a second time in baby shampoo (you have a lot of that when you have a baby), and it still stank.  So, last night, hubby dunkedo it once again into a bucket of water, this time with about half a cup of vinegar.  I hope that takes the smell out.  He then ran more cold water into the bucket, dumped some Soak in it, and when I get home, I hope it will no longer smell.

In the meantime, I told you that I wanted a quick project before I started my ultimate sweater quest.  So, here are the things I started:

These are miniature hearts ando flowers.  The flowers are for a Valentines wreath, and the hearts are for a bunting.  Obviously,  more hearts are needed.

This is my hat.  The color is more purple than the picture, but that is not half of it.  I decided I wanted a matching set, so I have 2 more skeins, one for a cowl, and one for mittens.  I plan on using these on the cowl:

Hubby bought me these gorgeous buttons for Christmas, and the 3 large ones are going on a cowl.  The small one on the right will adown the hat, and the iridescent one on the left will grace something else.  I have also been contemplating this:

I made this swatch before Christmas,  and I want to make Princess a sweater.  We are having a tea party in April, and I want to make her something elegant.  I have 4 or 6 skeins of the pink and 2 in a bluish grey.  I have not quite decided on what to do just yet, but the idea is percolating.   What are you working on?


Set Apart Living Mama said...

You do such an amazing job!!! I just learned how to crochet a few months ago and have been working on my first blanket.

Angelfire212 said...

Congrats! Blankets are great with crochet - thick and warm, and you really learn a lot.