Monday, October 07, 2013


We went on vacation a couple of weeks ago, and with vacation comes rest.  I did get some rest, which promptly disappeared once we returned to real life.  But I did get these:

And no amount of reality can take that away, because that IS reality.  I did get to finish one project:

Elijah #1 is done.   I have since added eyes, and it's been given to its intended (the first picture up there).  The second picture up there decided that he had enough stuffed animals, but maybe he could use one more.  So, #2 will be in progress shortly.  The yarn has been wound; I just am insistent on finishing some Christmas presents.  Or at least one more.  I have also decided that this:

is just not working for me.  It's 100% alpaca, and I think it's a little fuzzy for a cardigan.  I just don't know that I'd wear a fuzzy cardigan.  I was actually thinking of changing it into a lovely retro styled pullover.  I think I'd get more wear out of it, and if I plan it right, the math won't be too hard.  Another issue I'm having is the pattern.  It's a lovely pattern, and really well written.  I just don't have the brain power for it.  It takes concentration, and I don't have a lot of that whenever I pick it up.  I'm thinking a plain sweater without a whole lot of concentration being needed would be a better option for me.  What would you do with 100% alpaca?  Have any suggestions?

Have you felt fall yet?  It was here, and briefly left this weekend, only to end in a storm and return with full force.  How's your fall season shaping up?

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