Saturday, February 25, 2012


Sometimes I forget how quickly crochet goes. I'm already down to the skirt on the Bella Dress, and there's only about 14-16 rows until you start the bottom ruffle. I'm already on row 7, so I'm about halfway done. Once this is done (maybe this weekend?), I'm casting on my hook again two new patterns from Francine Toukou - the Fireside Capelet and the Little Red Riding Cowl. Both should be fast (crochet usually is) and Francine looks to be a terrific designer. I haven't used one of her patterns yet, but I have 3. The aforementioned two and a third called Flowers Head to Toe. For some reason, the Fireside Capelet isn't in Ravelry - maybe that will change soon. Francine also has a website, that you can see here. It's a lovely site that to be honest, I just stumbled upon as I was connecting the links to Ravelry. What I have seen of her designs are truly a wonderful use of crochet. We've all seen the horrid uses, like that 1974 vintage tissue box cover your grandmother lovingly crafted out of squeaky acrylic in Harvest Gold and Avocado Green - together with Burnt Orange. But these days, there are terrific patterns for crochet, and more being designed by fantastic designers. Maybe I'll add my name to that list one day.

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