Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Not quite, but almost

Well, from my list last week, I almost did everything on it. I was mostly successful, but lacked a few areas. Here's the updated list:

1. Apply for 2 jobs by Wednesday - done
2. Finish two knitting projects by Saturday (12/11) - done
3. Post at least 2 blog entries - not done
4. Finish up the 2 classes online I'm currently taking by Tuesday - done
5. Get Christmas decorations up - partially done
6. Workout at least 3 times by Saturday (12/11) - partially done (I worked out twice)

Not bad, considering things are still not quite normal around here. By "not quite normal" I mean I still don't have a job. I doubt I'll have one before the holidays are over. I'm hoping in January something will come open for me. There are good job leads out there, but the holidays slow everything down.

How I missed posting last week I'll never figure out. I thought about it, but it just didn't work out for me. This week will hopefully be different. It already is, since I'm posting tonight. Saturday is a little more free (the one obligation I had has been cancelled). Hopefully the knitting projects will be a little better, and the workouts will get there too. I bought a jump rope in hopes that the love I once had for it will come back. I hope I can utilize some space in the sunroom to workout; I think the ceiling fan is high enough so I won't hit it with the rope.

It's been freezing here - no really, I mean actually freezing temperatures, like below 32 degrees. That's rare for Georgia. We don't normally get that cold of temperatures until sometime in January or February. We occasionally have snow, but this year so far, we've had flurries 3 times already, and it's not even Christmas yet! I hope to have snow for Christmas. That's even rarer in Georgia than just snow. We did have snow earlier this year, in February. It wasn't a lot (by the northern U.S. standards) but anything that accumulates here is considered a lot. Growing up in Tulsa makes you realize 3 foot snow drifts are a lot of snow, not 3 inches.

On the knitting front, there are 2 more knitting projects for Christmas to be completed. Fortunately, I'm about halfway done with one and that's been about 4 days worth of knitting. This one has a lot of color changes, so it takes a little longer than normal. I'm kicking up the knitting time, and I'm hoping to get this one finished by this weekend, and get the other one knocked out before Christmas.

Goals for this week: finish the one Christmas present, get the other one started, and start the new exercise program (thanks to Oxygen Fitness for Women magazine for the routine). The rest of the Christmas decorations need to get up as well. I'm about 30% on those. Posting I'll keep at 2 times for this week as well. I'm down to one more post by Saturday. I think I can manage that. :)

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Jolie said...

Wow! I am impressed with how good you have been at getting stuff done. You keeping goin', girl!