Friday, July 09, 2010

Still working...for now

I'm still working on projects - I did finish the February Baby Sweater, but need buttons. I have buttons for the Hawthorn, but I have yet to finish that. I'm still working on the EZ Pi Shawl.

In other news, last month was definitely in turmoil for me. After hitting the 6 month mark for Baby#2, my MBA program started. Then the same week as the final for the first class, my company announced they had entered into a "Definitive Agreement" with another company to purchase them. For those who don't understand what that means (and that was several people at my office), it means in 3-6 months after the sale is final, our office will close. Permanently. Forever. No more job. Start looking now. Then I had 2 group projects and a final due and a new class started, all in that same week. It was insane. Not to mention I started nesting in a major way, and the whole house was a bit jumbled for a week. Little Man finally has a big boy room though, and the baby's room is in progress. The kitchen was also upheaved, due to the potential of a new refrigerator. That didn't work too well, and so we were back to square 1. We did purchase a new King Size bed - how did we ever sleep so long on that full-size mattress that was so old?! - and I'm so glad we did. That bed is pure heaven. Sleep is better, which makes eating better, which means I'm back in the gym, and I have more energy (although it still gets depleted easily). I'm also beginning to switch to a new eating plan - the Eat Clean Diet. More to come on that later.

Back to knitting: the Pi Shawl is coming along well. I had a minor issue getting to the last section (576 stitches!) but I did correct the problem. Stitch markers, even on an easy lace shawl, are your friend. Never forget that. I hope to make a few changes around here as well - we'll see if I can get a few things done between now and the end of the month. I hope so. Keep your fingers crossed - things are looking up. :)

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