Thursday, November 02, 2017

This week's goals

I had a couple of goals for this, that I posted last time. I wanted to finish the sock I had languishing for several weeks, which I did.

I also wanted to finish my Iced cardigan. I have been diligently working on the sleeves, and have one almost done. I may have been a bit overambitious to think I could finish both sleeves and the collar. I think I can finish the sleeves and start the collar this week. Next week may see the collar finished. I just want it done before the next cold snap.

I started on the matching sock for the finished one. That is my travel project, as socks are terrifically portable. I think next week's goals will be to finish the collar on my Iced and get the girls' Unice scarves sewn together and finished. Then all that is left for Christmas is a hat and scarf for Little Man, a pair of socks for my mother, and the mate to the sock finished this week.

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