Thursday, September 28, 2017

Quick bits

As I am getting ready to go teach, I thought I should add one more thing to my list and post.  I have 3 pairs of socks done.

I also have knitted the pieces for 2 other gifts.  Those are pieces for the Unice Unicorn Hood.  I have 2, one for each of my girls.  I have not put them together yet, because I am waiting on some other yarn.

I have also picked up my Iced again.  All that I have left is the sleeves and collar, and I hope to wear it when it actually cools down this year. 

I have started another Christmas present as well, another pair of socks.  I am trying to clean out some WIP, use up what I have, make Christmas gifts, and make me a few things all at once.  I know I only have 2 hands, and time is precious, but consistency works wonders. 

Oh, and those are my new sheepy pajamas in the background.  Like them?

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