Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Birthday Sweaters

I normally knit birthday sweaters for my children.  I'm already behind a bit, but some of it is a translation issue.  I still have to order the yarn for this one:

But I'm also working on the translation.  The pattern is free in French, and I have to translate it, as my 8th grade French class did not cover.  I have also decided to make ME a birthday sweater.

My Iced sweater is going to be my birthday sweater.  Now, I probably will be jumping from this to Little Man's, to the youngest's sweater, and working on my Etsy store stuff in between as a diversion.  I have had a slow month, meaning I've been a bit slow.  But I think I'm coming out of the fog now, and starting to pick up speed.  Everything has slowed down, and that's not normal for me.  Maybe it was just the winter blues, or blahs, and now that the weather has warmed up a bit, I can shake them.  How about you?  Have the winter blahs hit, or are you just barreling through it all?

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