Friday, December 09, 2011

Excited for Christmas

Actually, I'm excited about tomorrow. We have a weekend full of fun festive activities with the kids. And, one of those great things is I'm going to make wrapping paper with Little Man. This is going to be a terrific Christmas gift in and of itself. I'm becoming incredibly crafty in all kinds of ways. I like this. I'm using just some brown paper bags I've collected from Trader Joe's (although any brown paper bags will work) and some paint and markers. This should be an EASY craft to do, and great memories will be made.

Most of the gifts for Christmas are made; I have half of one left (a sock still has to be made for its partner). Here's what's done so far:

I still have to sew on the buttons and put the ribbon on it. Then there's this:

And somehow I can't find a picture of the scarf I made. Apparently, no one has taken a picture of one yet. I guess I'll have to tomorrow. Hopefully, tomorrow or Sunday I can take some pictures of the family and post a great shot of everything. We'll be decorating, baking, and having a great time this weekend. What makes your Christmas season special?

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