Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Catching up

I seem to be catching up on some knitting. School this time around isn't all that difficult, which is nice (of course, I say this BEFORE the final, although when I looked at the syllabus I didn't see one listed and they usually list those kinds of things). I have good news as well - I now have a camera. A decent one. So, that means once I get things together, pictures will be up! Yay!
I started the Mysterious Shawl #2 from The Whole Nine Yarns, but I'm stuck. I'm waiting on Clue #3, so I started knitting a few other things. :) There are so many wonderful things to knit; you can't knit just one! I started a cardigan for Princess and finished my sock pattern for TWNY Sock Guild (I just have to type it up). I have yarn for projects out the wazoo - I just need the time to knit. I'm slowly also getting the house organized and decorated. It takes a long time, and I have to do bits and pieces at a time, but it's coming together.
Til next time (soon, I hope)!

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