Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I've been working on stuff, seriously. I completed all 3 Turn-A-Square hats, a Noro scarf, plus a couple of repair projects. I've been working like crazy for a while, then in lulls get a chance to actually knit or crochet something. I've also been working on a crochet wrap for TWNY and still waiting on yarn to finish it. It will all come together.

In other news, Little Man has been battling a cold, Hubby's picking it (or something worse) up, and it looks like it's striking Mom next. This is not good news since next week is Thanksgiving and Hubby's birthday. We have plans, and those plans do not include being sick. I also don't want to be sick for the TSO show in Greenville on the 27th! Hopefully extra rest, water, Vitamin C and some chicken soup will make it all better. :)

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